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Our Story

In 2013 Matt and I were overwhelmed with a sense that the food we were consuming was deceivingly unhealthy.  A small amount of research left us bombarded and overloaded with information concerning the hazards and dangers of the current food industry.  Looking to start a family and moving to Florida, we made the decision to   change the foods we put into our bodies.  Instead of relying on the industrial meat industry, we opted to raise our own food for the quality and pureness it would provide.  Soon friends and family took interest and expressed the same desire for their own families.  This transcended into our farm.  Our passion to provide our own family with genuinely wholesome food became a passion to share with everyone.  We were not the only ones tired of eating bland meat, injected with more drugs than we could count.  Matt and I wanted our animals to enjoy the freedom of pasture and be taken care of with love and tenderness.  From this our meat is bursting with flavor, raised without antibiotics or added hormones and will provide the base for a healthier lifestyle for all of us, one bite at a time.

From our family to yours, welcome to Kiket Bay Farm!

We sell our eggs pastured NON-GMO eggs according to size.

Small – $3.00

Medium – $4.00

Large – $5.00

X-Large – $6.00