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Updated Wednesday, 05/12/2021!  I have five 1-dozen cartons available at $3.50/carton.  Please call or text me at (505) 269-7773 for availability and appointments to pick up eggs.  I do not deliver!

I do not sell chicks, chickens, or chicken manure.

The chickens have lots of room to run around, hunt bugs, and act like… well bird brains!  They are a mix of Black Australorps, White Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire Reds, Dominiques, Welsummers, Brown Leghorns, and Ameraucanas.  Egg colors are cream, white, and light and dark brown.

BUY LOCAL!!  Modern egg factories are not farms!  Farms are where animals are raised for food yes, but not inhumanely. and Craigslist are good sources to find fresh, humanely produced eggs and chickens.  In the summer, farmer markets are awesome!