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The journey started a long time ago. In most pictures of me as a kid there is an animal. I remember getting into trouble for putting a bonnet on our family cat (tiger) and pushing him around in a babydoll stroller. Funny part is: he let me! Never even ran from me, and I’m sure I would have run away from me. However, my love for livestock began around age six. I am sure this was passed onto me from my mother, who drew horses for fun regularly, but it was my dad who came home with the first horse. It didn’t take long before we all had one.

Diamond Jim holds a special place in my heart, he was the first horse I called my own. Jim was not a young man when my mother let me pick him out. He gave me a run for my money and knew every dirty trick in the book on how to get a kid off or run away with you. He taught me so much, and even years later a horse will do something and a memory of him will pop-up. I now fondly refer to him as Jim the teacher.

Pepsi is another special story. He was first my dad’s horse however, they had some personality conflicts and when Jim passed I stole Pepsi. Not really, I have one of those fathers who supports me no matter what path I am on. If I really want something and he is able to hand it to me, he will do so with no hesitation. Pepsi was my first training project and my Mustang. To say I loved him just doesn’t quite sum it up. He was the one who got me started with cattle and helping the neighbor. Bottle feeding them was my favorite chore and I would show up early before school to help. After many years, Pepsi passed and it broke my heart so much I gave up and didn’t ride or take on another horse for 20+ years.

One day I just felt a piece missing and took some time to figure out what it was. Now, I am back with a passion like never before, for horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, and always dogs. It has taken me years to say I am back, and even though it is long hours with lots of work, I love doing it. Doing this brings me joy and when you like it that much, it really doesn’t feel like work. As our world continues to change, and large family farms of 100 acres or more become a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean we can’t adapt.

Miniature Cattle are perfect for small acreage farms or homesteads. Miniature Cattle have many advantages due to their size. They can be raised for Meat or Milk and kept as pets. With the rise in popularity due to their advantages for our modern times, we feel it is the most responsible way to raise beef.

We are CA SEFS COMPLIANT & Hold an Egg Handlers Permit