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Welcome!  – ¡Bienvenidos!

Nestled between the Sangre De Cristo and Jemez mountains, neighboring the Eight Northern Pueblos in Northern New Mexico’s High Desert just outside of Santa Fe you will find our small one acre farm. Kluck & Koop, LLC is an American owned, woman operated, backyard poultry farm that has been growing since its establishment in 2012.

How it came to be…

It started with a small coop and six Ameraucana chicks, a passion for learning self sufficiency, food security and a love of Upcycling second hand materials. Today the dream, enthusiasm for learning, hard work and desire to share our experiences with others; particularly enthusiast with a passion for learning about keeping backyard chickens and ducks for self-sufficiency, continues to help us grow and touch the lives of others.

We raise Ameraucanas for their beautiful colored blue-green eggs; Buckeyes because they are a Heritage breed, and originated in Ohio and are the only breed registered by the American Poultry Association by a woman Nettie Metcalf. Lastly we decided on a flock of Buff Orpingtons. Intrigued by the breed’s history as a Heritage breed and its development as necessity for self sufficiency for America’s first homesteaders the breed seemed the natural choice to reflect our intentions in raising chickens. In 2017 we added a few Rouen Ducks just for fun and fell in love with the quality eggs they produce, especially for baking purposes.

In 2018 we began selling small starter coops to help individuals learn more about raising their own backyard chickens.  We are here to help you learn the basics and support you in raising and maintaining your backyard chickens. You can find our coops on Facebook or call us for more information.