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My husband and I live in southern Gallia County in a rural area outside of Gallipolis, Ohio. We do not have a big farm like some people would like to imagine, but we do get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from the acreage we do have. We also take pride in keeping our land and its inhabitants natural and untainted.

Now, we all know that some farmers prefer to buy genetically modified seed along with lots of chemicals, pesticides and artificial nutrients…. so they can then spray, splatter, soak, douse, dust and eventually destroy everything, but that is not how we do things.

The fruits and vegetables we grow here are all non-GMO, 100% organic, started from heirloom, all around “good stuff”. Whatever we do not consume, sell or give away to our friends and neighbors we feed directly to our chickens and whatever other animals that we might have at the time. We then gather and recycle the chicken “poo” and use it as a natural fertilizer to give back to our fruit trees and garden spots. Finally, we turn the work over to the honey bees in our apiary and they proceed to heavily pollinate everything we have here and the natural cycle starts all over again.

Our all natural process gives us an abundance of crops that are clean, organic, healthy and nutritious. It provides us with raw honey and eggs that are 100% pure, fresh, safe, and untainted by antibiotics and chemicals.

We care about our flowers, trees, our birds and our bees and we hope you enjoy something we produce as much as we do.

Thank you for your interest!

All pure honey and apiary related products have been reserved and SOLD OUT for 2017. We are now accepting orders for the 2018 season. All pre-orders are filled on an “as available” basis and we can not guarantee that all pre-orders can or will be filled.