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We are a small family farm that specializes in free range eggs and Broiler / Fryer Chickens. We don’t do farmers markets. We do localized deliveries to Boone Ames and Ankeny. You can also pick up at the farm if you want. We raise our broiler / fryer chickens  spring to fall. They usually average about 6 lbs.

Our chickens are let out of their coop daily to scratch in the dirt, roam the yard and pasture. They are put in nightly to keep safe from predators they are not caged and have the ability to roam their coop and have a area that they can get out into the fresh air also that predators can’t get into. Happy chickens lay more eggs. Our eggs have very bright orange yokes unlike store bought eggs that are a pail yellow and have no taste.

Our broiler/fryers are very tender and are great tasting.  Even at a 6 lb average they are very tender and moist. They take roughly six weeks to get to weight. We will get them butchered and you will need to pick them up that day.  We prefer to take orders in advance of getting them. We have the ability to freeze some but not that many and try to do batches of 200 at a time. So if you are interested in our broiler/fryers you need to email us and let us know how many you are interested in.