Lands of Bru-Garick

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Our Story

Lands of Bru-Garick is a small family farm owned by Sabrina Edgar and Damian Bruce in Grass Lake, Michigan. Our journey began with a small hobby garden and six rabbits. The hobby has now grown to a market sized garden, fresh eggs, turkeys, goats, meat chickens and many more than six rabbits.

The name Bru-Garick is a tribute to our families and our belief that strong families make strong communities. Bru from Damian’s last name, Bruce. Gar from Sabrina’s last name, Edgar. And ick from the Patrick line. Sabrina’s mothers family name. There is a grandfather with a sense of humor laughing on the other side of life from his name being reduced to ick!

What is a CSA or Farm Co-Op?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), also known as a Farm Co-Op, is the financial investment of the consumer in the local farm and the growers’ commitment to provide healthy produce to the consumer. Over winter and in early spring the grower has many expenses: purchasing seeds, plants and supplies for the growing season, etc. But no income to offset these expenses. The CSA membership provides this income by investing in the farm. In return the farmer toils through spring, summer and fall to provide fresh produce shares to the CSA membership. Just like with any investment, shares are smaller when the weather is poor. When mother nature tips her hand to the grower, making larger harvests, then the CSA member will receive larger shares.

Shares start at $200 for the individual or small household.

Farm Fresh Eggs available year round