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Our Story

We are used to beginning our story with something like “Well.. we are actually suburbanites who had a big dream of having a farm someday…”  But, after seven years of living and learning, chasing chickens, mending fences, and cleaning out coops and stalls all day – suburbia seems awfully far away now.  All of our hard work has paid off and our big dream of having a farm?  It is more than a dream.

We aren’t a conventional farm in that we have no fields to sow and no crops to harvest.  Our small garden projects are usually eaten by all of our free-range animals, but that’s sort of the point and we don’t really mind.  What we do have is an abundance of animals: from chickens to donkeys and a whole lot in between.

Our mission: We believe that our animals should be raised under the most natural conditions possible while, as their caretakers, providing as best we can for their overall health and safety.  We also believe that poultry and livestock bred and raised in this manner are particularly well-suited for the needs of small family farms and homesteads.

We are currently raising Buff Orpington chickens (the only chicken breed we raise), Black Indian runner ducks, African & Chinese geese, Mediterranean donkeys, African pygmy goats, Coturnix quail, Chinese painted quail, and pedigreed Lionhead rabbits.  We also share our home with ten cats (many of which are black) and three dogs.

We sell eggs almost every day – for hatching or for eating, it’s your choice.  We do not make a lot of money from our egg sales, but we like to have an excuse to have people come out and visit our place.  Besides, our eggs are fresh and from happy, free-ranging birds.  We collect eggs daily and only select the cleanest for sale.  Our eggs are wiped dry, but not washed.  Our customers place their orders for eggs in advance and we contact them when their eggs are ready for pickup.  Once ready, pickup is easy – you set the time and we will have your eggs waiting.

We also sell plenty of chicks, ducklings, and goslings here from people from all over Oklahoma and the surrounding states.  We promise that our baby birds are out of healthy, happy stock.  Our customers can arrange to reserve a hatch for specific birds depending on egg availability and breeding season.  We are also happy to incubate your eggs for you – just contact us to make arrangements.

Finally, we also offer rabbits, goats, and donkeys for sale as they become available.  More information can be found by checkout out the For Sale page on our website.

With all that business-sounding stuff out of the way, it’s time to get down to what we really do here:  We work hard and we enjoy every single moment of it.  Every morning there is something new to learn.  Every afternoon there is some problem to solve.  There are plenty of cute animals to cuddle and antics to watch.  We also truly enjoy meeting people when they come out to our little farm.  We hope to meet you soon!