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Our Story

Let It Bee is a mother-daughter company that sells treatment-free, small batch honey. But to us, it’s so much more than a small business. It is a way to appreciate nature. To continue being life-long learners. To pollinate our thriving gardens. To put our love of writing and photography to use. To promote a more natural, organic lifestyle. To connect with other beekeepers around the world.

It all began by helping friends harvest honey on their farm. Flash forward five years: We now have two apiaries (one in a Cincinnati suburb and another on the Ohio River) and are active participants in the local bee club and community farmers’ market.

Let It Bee’s name is a nostalgic shout-out to the radio show our family listened to every weekend, “Breakfast with the Beetles.” We believe that creating memories is essential for holistic growth and seek to inspire others by sharing our continuing adventures inside and out of the apiary.


“Bee”hind the Veils

Kate is a passionate learner: she can get lost in bookstores for hours, spend a year perfecting a cinnamon raisin loaf, and obsess over a true crime documentary with the best of them. Beekeeping—and the documentation of it—continuously fulfills her love of exploring new fields and maintaining balance in life.

Susan isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty; when she’s not tending to the bees, she can be found digging around in the garden or taking care of her menagerie of animals.  While she is an advocate of farm to table living and loves trying new recipes, her mother’s pecan pie will always reign supreme.