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Our Story

I’ve always had a dream of having a big farm with lots of animals that get to live out their lives in peace and luxury; the big farm didn’t happen, but I have backyard fruit, veggie and flower gardens and a backyard Flock with my sweet hens! They provide me with beautiful eggs and are organically raised with love. We started out with three hens. we added two more and are planning on expanding the Run and the coop and adding a few more. My husband and I love our girls and while I do most of the tending to them; he helps me with them and enjoys them almost as much as I do! We have Jenny, a black Copper Maran, Violet, a blue Maran, both lay our chocolate brown eggs… Violet’s are speckled, Jenny’s are not…then there is Scarlet, a Golden Sex Link , who lays our very large to Jumbo brown eggs, Edith, a Barred Rock/Heritage hen, who lays our cream colored or beige eggs and Bridgette (our white one), an Americana cross Easter Egger, who lays our green eggs!

We will have a blue egg layer and a pink egg layer in the very near future!

Our hens not just chickens in the backyard to lay eggs for us; but they are beloved pets and members of our family…each with unique and wonderful personalities and we will love them until their very last day on this Earth, whether they’re laying eggs for us or not!

Deciding to sell my eggs was not how much money could be made, I’m selling them to share with my local community and the proceeds of the sales goes back to raising my hens and being able to provide even more luxurious accommodations for them.

I hope you’ll enjoy them and continue to buy them for years to come! Thank you for visiting Lewis is lovely Farm!

Thank you,

Kaila and Spencer Lewis