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We are just a couple who wanted to grow some vegetables and raise some pet chickens but often find ourselves with more than we can use.  We are not a big operation; I just hate to waste perfectly good food and try to offer it at a fair and reasonable price.  All of the money we collect goes towards feed and other supplies. While we do not profit doing it this way, it does help offset our costs. Right now, we are offering eggs from our pasture raised flock for $2.50/dozen.  We also sell hatching eggs. The blue eggs will hatch out Ameraucana blue egg laying chicks. Brown eggs will hatch out olive or blue-green colored egg laying chicks, including Sapphire olive eggers. These are unwashed, unrefrigerated, and have been candled for any imperfections that may cause issues like thin spots, cracks, double yolks etc. I will not sell eggs older than 7 days old for best viability. $5/dozen for OE/EE only, $7.50/dozen for half and half, $10/dozen for Ameraucana only. Pickup on Hwy 84 in Rickman.