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We are just a couple who wanted to grow some vegetables and raise some pet chickens but sometimes find ourselves with more than we can use.  We are not a big operation, I just hate to waste perfectly good food and  try to offer it at a fair and reasonable price.  All of the money we  collect goes towards feed and other supplies. While we do not make any money doing it this way, it does help offset the cost a bit for the items we do sell. Right now we are offering Free Range Large Brown Eggs for $2.50/dozen. We hope to add  fresh vegetables next year once we have had a chance to settle in to our new home.  We have recently acquired some Ameraucana roosters and Oliver Egger hatching eggs are now available.  Next spring we we should have pure Lavender and/or Blue Ameraucana as well!  Our broody Comet hatched us out some beautiful babies from  Ameraucana eggs on 7/1/2021.