Little BearFox Farm

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Our Story

We are a small 10 acre homestead farm located on the Nehalem river in Elsie Oregon.

We offer CSA shares delivered to the north coast and Portland metro area. Currently, we offer veggie shares. This year we are growing 75 different heirloom tomato varieties that will be the main crop in the summer Veggie CSA shares.

We raise our pastured chickens, ducks, geese, and heritage turkeys on non-gmo feed and they are free to roam the fields during the day and come in for protection at night. We also raise rabbits, kunekune pigs, and sheep.

All of these animals provide the fertilizer for our CSA market garden. We use only natural practices and don’t treat our produce with and chemicals. At Little Bearfox Farm we are working to encourage biodiversity to help make our plants and soil more healthy and productive.