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Our Story

We are a small hobby farm in Sapulpa, OK. We started out with just 6 chickens in 2014. Now each year, I find new breeds or want a new egg color! So our farm is growing, little by little.

Our current breeds are Rhode Island Red (darker brown eggs), Black Copper Marans (dark brown eggs), Polish (small white eggs), Silver Laced Wyandotte (light brown eggs), Australorp (BIG light brown eggs), Partridge Rock (light brown eggs), Welsummer (dark brown, speckled eggs), and an Easter Egger (green eggs).

We sell eggs for $3 a dozen. As of now, we do not have any roosters. So please note that our eggs are NOT fertile.

We hatch out eggs in the spring. We get assortments from small farms and incubate the eggs. Raising baby chickens is addicting!

Please message me or call me for more information. Thank you.