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Local & Fresh Farm Stand is a family-owned small business in Pekin, IL that sells fresh pastured eggs, seasonal produce, live mealworms, and organic fertilizer. We aim to provide fresh food to our community and a great life for our chickens. Rescue hens welcome. We also have hand raised pullets available for sale!

Our family started out owning 3 chickens to get fresh eggs daily. It wasn’t long before our family started to grow in numbers and our flock began to expand as well. Diving in as new chicken owners, we were abruptly made aware of the difference in egg taste and quality when hens are fed layer feed versus hens that are allowed to eat their natural diet of grass, plants, insects, and worms. We also learned about the mistreatment of chickens living in large egg production “farms” where they may never see real daylight or real grass in their entire lives! Sadly, that is just the tamest of the mistreatment production hens endure in order for businesses to pump out mediocre eggs and sell them to our local grocery stores.

As we have transitioned to being a larger family, our viewpoints of the egg and chicken industry have also transformed. No longer do we want to support those that hurt chickens to take their precious eggs. While we may just be a small business, we take pride in providing an enriched, natural environment for our hens to help them live as healthy and happy as they can be. We want them to live their best chicken life! We also want fresh, nutritious eggs to eat and provide to our community.

Our hens free range daily until dark. They eat fresh vegetable scraps in addition to their daily buffet of grass, plants, insects, and home raised mealworms. They are offered high quality layer feed and crushed oyster shell as well.

We have fresh brown, blue, and olive green colored eggs daily. The fresh eggs are unwashed and ungraded, with dark orange yolks. We can also wash the eggs upon request (which would also mean they must be refrigerated after).

Each dozen is $5.00, and porch pick up arrangements can be made by contacting Local & Fresh Farm Stand via text and email, or you can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, Local Harvest, Nextdoor or Varagesale!


Farm fresh, pastured eggs for sale by the dozen daily. Contactless pick up in Pekin. Please message to make arrangements.

Our chickens lay eggs with a creamier texture and richer flavor than eggs you can buy from a grocery store. In addition to the natural foraging diet, our girls enjoy fresh garden vegetables and organic layer feed pellets daily.