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We’re a micro-farm in Deschutes River Woods with a flock of twelve hens and two roosters. While we’re at work our flock hangs out in their large coop and run. After work and on the weekends they have free-range of our half-acre backyard. Our chickens are our pets, and so we take very good care of them. They’re probably spoiled in all honesty!

We have a very limited selection of eggs. Our eggs are various colors of white, pink, and brown. About half of our hens are bantams and lay 3/4 to 1/2 size eggs. During the summer, we get at least a dozen bantam eggs a week. Our bantams tend not to lay from about November to around May. Our standard sized hens produce pretty consistantly year round, except for molting periods, and we get about 1.5 dozen eggs from them per week.