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The Lower D Chicks have been producing an abundance of great eggs, and we would like to share them with you.

Our laying hens are offered only organic or non-GMO layer mix and scratch.  We wash and crush the egg shells and give them back to our flock to recycle the calcium and help keep their shells strong.  They free range during the day (weather permitting) to gather greens, bugs, seeds and whatever catches a chicken’s eye.  The fresh air, sunshine and room to roam keeps them happy and healthy.  They drop their manure over the pastures adding nutrients back into our soil. Their foraging helps to keep undesirable insects (think ticks) in check.

We believe our rainbow of eggs are brighter and firmer and healthier than any egg you can purchase at a supermarket.

There are several different breeds in our main flock.  Many of them are listed on the Livestock Conservancy as breeds that need help.  These eggs are laid by Holland, Partridge Rock, Light Brahma, Ameraucana, Black Java, Easter Eggers, Buff Orpington, and the Columbia and Golden Laced varieties of Wyandotte.

We are working at raising sustainable, ethical food and raising chickens has been a great experience.

We hope that you enjoy and are well nourished by this little piece of our farm.

Eggs last a long time, but are perishable.  Keep Refrigerated.

At times we have washed or raw mohair fleece, dual purpose Nigora goats, chicks, hatching eggs, and chickens available. Please contact us to learn more.

Amy and Dave Delpiere  586 34th St. Allegan, MI 49010

4 – Gals Market  2020 dates TBD.

The Third Annual Market Weekend is coming  September 2020.  Our free range eggs and other farm or studio products will be available at the 4-Gals Market.  Together with other local crafts people we will be offering garden decor, plants, natural soap, one-of-a-kind art and furniture, and fresh baked goods. We would love to meet you at the Market.  Please join us!