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Our Story

Hello from Jerry and Heather, we are the Micos, and this is who we are.

The M Ranch is more than just a name, it is a way for two people passionate about livestock to build their own brand and legacy. We started our M Ranch journey in 2019, it wasn’t until 2020 that the business became a reality and officially launched in 2021. It has taken countless hours from not only the two of us, but the unconditional support from their family and friends to get M Ranch where it is today.

The M Ranch is not just a source of meat, it’s a source of assurance and promise. We do this by forming our ranch around the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. We treat our animals humanely and in a way that guarantees growth and success in the future generations. We are constantly striving to improve our beef, and in order to do that we must take excellent care of our livestock.

All of the beef we sell are from our Angus steers that were born and raised on the family ranch. We do not source animals from anywhere else. We provide pasture for both the cattle to freely graze as well as implement strategic pasture rotation in order to help the forages regrow and thrive.

Our livestock are very docile by nature and we at the M Ranch are very adamant on handling them in a low stress manner. This not only reduces the stress on the livestock when being handled but it also helps improve the quality of the meat.  When livestock work well it greatly lessons the stress on us as well. These animals produce high quality meat so they deserve to live a high quality life.

We guarantee our livestock to be free of added growth hormones and unnecessary vaccines. However if an animal does become sick we are not going to let it suffer and die. We give the animal the necessary medicine and then animal is then taken out of our meat program. All our animals are fed a strict vegetarian diet, this means we do not feed anything with animal byproducts, ever. We believe that if it’s not necessary that it shouldn’t be done and won’t be done. This helps us provide our customers with the highest quality product.

We are the M Ranch and we promise to provide you with high quality, healthy, local meat, because that’s what we do. Meat.