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Our Story

Major‘s Farm started in 2019 as a small backyard chicken flock to supply my family with fresh eggs. Starting out as a first time chicken keeper myself, raising day old chicks seemed like a bit of a challenge not to mention a long wait for those precious eggs I was after. Deciding to start out with pullets seemed like a no-brainer. What I didn’t know at the time was that finding the started pullets locally and from a reputable source was the hard part. Fast forward a year and a half and our very conservative flock of five layers, is now over thirty and growing. Also we have set out on a mission to solve the local started pullets problem we faced when starting out.

We now sell those fresh free range eggs by the dozen to the local community. If you have never had fresh farm eggs, you would be amazed at the difference compared to commercially produced eggs. Not to mention you are getting eggs from happy hens!

We also raise and sell several breeds of started pullets. Most at around eight weeks of age, some at point of lay and we also will sell laying hens depending on what we have available.

Major’s farm was founded to provide our local community with farm raised chickens and eggs. We raise only the best chickens to provide our community with the very best to feed their families.