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Our Story

Our story started when John and his wife, Rachelle, were looking at some property to start a modest farm so they could feed their family honest food. John called up his friend, Geoff, and asked if he and his wife, Amy, might want to join him since both John and Geoff shared a love for the natural farm life, poultry and being outdoors.  Geoff (an engineer-minded duck hunter) and John (a visionary & outdoors-man)  teamed up for the perfect partnership and formed Marion Acres, named after the original land which was in Marion County.

Shortly after beginning a land lease in Woodburn, OR, Marion Acres purchased 32 broiler chicks (We bought all they had!) to raise natural-style on pasture in the sunshine, eating bugs & fresh, green grass daily, just as God intended.  As you might imagine, the finished chickens sold fast at harvest and the desire to continue farming grew in John, Geoff and their families.  After harvest, doors were opened to move to a larger plot of land in Hillsboro, OR to amp up for a bigger season.

Marion Acres became an LLC shortly after and we prepared to purchase 500 broilers, which, to our amazement, completely sold out.  Since then, we have been steadily growing.  In 2016, we added beef, pork, turkey, eggs & various pickup locations.  In 2017, John quit his desk job to become a full-time farmer, and we began offering our chicken to chefs & restaurants all over Portland.  This year, we plan to continue the process of building our own poultry processing facility (that will be open to the public) and farm market on our new 47 acre plot of land.

We’re excited to continue to offer our clients only the very highest quality meat available on the market.  Our animals are moved onto a new plot of fresh, green, bug-filled, pesticide-free pasture every single day.  Chickens & turkeys are processed on site by us and packaged with care. You have never tasted anything like these!

The Marion Acres story will continue, Lord willing.  Until then, we are striving to provide you and your family the very best.  Thank you for your support and friendship.

Your family farmers,

Marion Acres