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We have a new stand on the driveway at 375 Marshallville Road, Tuckahoe, NJ 08250 with an Honor System for our sales.

Our chickens are Black Laced Wyandotte’s, Delawares, Leghorns, Dominiques, and cross breeds of all four of these breeds. They are free ranging (during most days), unless the eagles and hawks are circling! They lay both white and brown eggs.

Our ducks are Black & Chocolate Indian Runner ducks and Khaki Campbell ducks laying beautiful extra large blue-green and white eggs.

Our produce is grown pesticide free and will be available in limited quantities as it matures.

We have Jersey Strawberries now and variety of raspberries and blackberries ripening soon!

We just planted 1000 blueberry plants that will be ready to harvest in 2021.

We also are selling campfire wood by the bundle, and we can deliver 1/2 cord and full cords of firewood.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text to 609-412-6112 or email us at