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Our Story

I am a Christian grandma that has a little hobby farm. My grandchildren love to help me with the animals and gardening.  The animals here are more like pets than livestock.  For the longest time I gave eggs to my church so the pastor’s wife would give them to people that she knew would be able to use them. The special feed that I put together, treats and hay is getting so expensive that I decided I should start selling the eggs. We have duck eggs, turkey eggs and chicken eggs. So here we are, ready to sell to whomever would like fresh farm eggs.  Our eggs are especially tasty from the food the flock eats. They get all kind of fresh vegetables,  all natural worms, sunflower seeds, fruit and nut mix, hulled barley, wheat, oats,  corn and more mixed in with the regular chicken and duck food. They love their food and what they eat makes the eggs delicious. All animals are free range with livestock protection dogs here at the farm.