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Our Story

We live in Gardendale, Texas, a rural “suburb” of Odessa.  Both my husband and I are lifetime residents of Odessa, but with the increase of people to the area and traffic, we decided we needed to get out of town.  So we moved about 20 minutes away from the traffic and noise of town.  This has allowed our daughters and ourselves more time outside.  Naturally the next step was to get some chickens.  We had been buying local fresh eggs from a friend, but decided that since we had the space we would get hens of our own.  So we did, and now have our own fresh eggs, usually a dozen a day.  Raising chickens is fun.  Watching the chicks grow and feather out, and how our little girls interact with them is just fun.  We have 14 laying hens and a rooster, they have a coop that is just under 1/3 of an acre.  Yes, you read right.  We are making just almost 1/3 of an acre into a chicken sanctuary.  There is an 8 foot fence that surrounds this sanctuary where the ladies and their fella live.  We are currently landscaping the sanctuary with edibles for them and us.  We received our 15 Ameraucana and 10 Barred Rock chicks on March 11th, and they are growing like weeds healthy and happy. We hope to be collecting 35 eggs a day by the fall.


Why do some eggs have marks on them? Our girls like to mark them so we know what week they were laid.

Why do I have one Bluish colored egg?  We now have 25 Ameraucana, which are “Easter eggers.”