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Our Story

I had watched my neighbors loose their flocks to hawks, coyotes and other predators.

I researched for 3 years on how to set up their area to keep them safe and give them as much space as possible.

2015 I took the plunge and ordered some coops, runs, chicks and ducklings. That was the beginning. With help from my husband and grown children, my girls have a big, safe, coop and two large, protected runs. I’ve added channels that go around the runs and three doors they can go in and out but are locked at night. I have various levels of security.

I feed non GMO and/or organic feed with supplements. I have foraging frames and try to keep them growing year round.

I grow sprouts and have pots of various herbs they can nibble on. I add dry organic herbs to their feed and snacks.

I’ve chosen breeds that are sweet and calm so my grands can enjoy being out with me when they come to visit.

It is a labor of love. They all have names and are my babies.

Living the dream on my little farm.