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Melba’s Chickens has a small flock of 24 hens, open ranged on my very own property. I’ve been raising my hens for 2 and a half years now, these chickens are approximately 7 months old. My chickens eat scratch grain and Layer crumbles from Rural King. My chickens are free range all day long, no restrictions in cages and no foreign products used. Almost all of my chickens are rare and lay colored eggs, Chicken eggers, Australorp, Plymouth Rock, Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Wyandott, Brhama, Cochin, Araucana, Barnevelder and 3 Bantys, 2 of them are just chicks at the moment. I currently have 1 Rooster.

My Banty recently hatched 2 new tiny Banty chicks. They’re adorable to watch.

Something got the chicks over the weekend. Now we only have full grown chickens.