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Our Story

Mest Farms is a third generation family farm in North Carolina. Owned and operated by The Mest family. We, Edward and Kristina, take great pride in raising the best home grown pasture raised beef. Dairy farming and beef has always been in Edward’s Family. Edward grew up on a small family dairy farm in Western New York.


In 2017 We decided to start raising beef for our family as we wanted good quality beef and we wanted to know where it was coming from. Shortly after that some of our friends wanted the same thing so we started raising more beef for a number of people.


In 2021 we decided to pack up the family and move to Trinity, North Carolina. Shortly after moving to a new state Edward suggested starting our farm up again and getting a few beef for us and then we decided to do artificial insemination on some of the cattle we had to get a herd going. We then started selling beef to friends and coworkers who absolutely like the melt in your mouth beef that we produce. We use regenerative farm practices, we use no pesticides on any of our land or crops.

We can not be more grateful for God giving us this opportunity and land to do what we love to do with our family. And for the customers who have gotten to know us and for trusting in us to provide them the highest quality of beef/pork/eggs for them and their families. This has been an amazing opportunity for ourselves and our four young children to learn and grow from!


Eggs are $5.00 a dozen

Meat prices vary check out our website or give us a call we sell bulk or by the individual cut.