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I started raising chickens 16 years ago in Tennessee then I moved to Utah and have started a farm in my back yard now I have 7 different breeds of chickens and there healthy and happy I have a aviarian vet here in my town so I make sure to get them checked on a regular basis to keep them healthy and happy they are papered in the winter and in the summer, I built a huge run for them and a huge chicken coop this year when I got them as chicks and hand raised them they are like having kids and there family too. My son and  i just love the fresh eggs i get from my girls. I give them all the best feeds and grains they need and fresh vegetables and treats they love and let them free range on bugs, there are no chemicals in my girls foods at all. I treat them like queens they are clean and bug free and they lay Easter Egg Colored Eggs. I love raising chickens they supply a fresh quality of eggs that are collected as soon as they are laid and then washed and put in the refrigerator and marked with a date they were collected and color coding on the package so I have brown, blue, Pink, tan and green eggs I even have mixed cartons of eggs if some one likes a variety of colorful eggs to eat. My eggs are always fresh and clean. I make sure to mark the month they were collected and stored in the refrigerator and i rotate my eggs so if they get to old i just throw them out so you always get fresh eggs from my girls. They make great Easter Eggs too you don’t need to color these they look like the easter bunny left them my five year old son says the easter bunny is getting help this year from our chickens for his eggs.