Michowa Acres

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Our Story

We have been raising heritage poultry since 2010. our farm, Michowa Acres is named such because John is originally from Michigan, and his wife Mary, is originally from Iowa.

We are currently rebuilding our chicken flock. We hope we have a sustainable breeding population to breed our own layers beginning in 2018. We are also going to continue to raise and breed heritage chickens. Currently the breeds we will build breeding stock for are Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, Javas, Barnevelders, Delawares, and Russian Orloffs. Future Plans are to add Iowa Blues, Plymouth Rocks, Dorkings and others.

We have been problem plagued the last few years. A barn fire wiped out over 400 chickens, John was sick and unable to work on the farm. We were also lost most of our adult layers to predators and bad weather.

We hope to have available sometime in July 2017. Next year we should have a large flock of chickens on pasture laying eggs daily. We will use Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, and a Red Sex Link cross of Delawares and Rhode Island Reds.

We were honored to be Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska Featured member of the week in August of 2016.

We hope to have chickens back in the laying boxes soon!