Mitchells On McEntee: Farm To Table

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Our Story

Three generations of free-range chicken raising brought to you from Mitchells On McEntee: Farm To Table. ¬†Gorgeous colorful shells range from turquoise to deep chocolate brown and olive greens. ¬†Rich and flavorful egg and yolk make our eggs the best we’ve ever tasted!

Our eggs come from a variety of chickens such as:

Prairie Bluebell Egger

Columbian Wyandotte

Buff Laced Polish

Golden Polish

White Crested Black Polish


Lavender Orpington

Sapphire Gem

Olive Egger

Starlight Green Egger

Sapphire Olive Egger

French Black Copper Maran

Silver Lace Wyandotte





Cinnamon Queen

Midnight Majesty Maran

Speckled Sussex