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5th Generation Farmers, continuing the legacy.

Mark Rodger is a fifth generation Glover Vermont farmer descended from the Wylie and Anderson families that immigrated from Scotland in the early 1800s.

Karen Rodgers a recent immigrant but long lost Vermonter arrived in 2015 from the Boston area where she worked in IT for over 30 years. Karen graduated from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in 2011 with a Chef’s diploma and has taken many Horticulture courses to compliment her gardening passion.

Our Guest House is located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. In this rural country setting the emphasis is on wild beauty, great local food, healthy living, and sustainable agriculture. We produce and serve some of the highest quality, locally grown products available. We offer a wonderful place to stay with rustic elegance and four seasons of fun!

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MKVT Farm officers pasture raised pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and beef. We treat our animals with respect, care and compassion ensuring them a happy life while providing our customers with delicious, safe, nutrient dense and sustainable products. We practice regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

Pigs raised outdoors on pasture and in wooded areas are able to eat a diverse diet of plants and insects in addition to being fed grain. They are exposed to sunshine and are able to forage, run, jump and root in the soil. This results in healthier animals …and more nutritious food for people.

Sheep raised outdoors on pasture are able to eat plants, less grain and exercise freely. This results in healthier animals …and more nutritious food for people.

Sheep hides are naturally tanned at Vermont Natural Tanning. The only all-natural, sustainable tannery in the eastern United States.

Chickens raised outdoors on pasture eat green plants, insects, and small animals, in addition to being fed grit and grain. They are exposed to sunshine and are able to forage, run, jump and peck. This results in healthier animals …and more nutrition food for people.

Eggs Our hens have access to the outdoors and are free to scratch and peck. They consume a lot more natural nutrition from the grass, bugs and worms.

Beef is an excellent source of protein and supplies 10 essential nutrients including B-vitamins, zinc, and iron that support an active and healthy lifestyle. The nutrients in beef provide our bodies with the strength to thrive throughout all stages of life

Turkeys have access to green grass all spring, summer, and fall. They are able to forage for bugs and live a happy life.

MKVT Farm Neptune’s Harvest Results                                                                                                                            We are excited to share the results of our 2022 SARE Grant Project. As we hoped the soil and forage nutrients improved with the application of Neptune’s Harvest Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer.
Our interest was measuring improved CLA levels (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – essential flatty acid) which is a potent naturally occurring anti-carcinogen. The tests were conducted by Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center. Copies of the reports are available. Our 2022 lamb tested 370mg CLA/100g of fat. This is nearly 10% over our 2021 lamb which tested 340mg CLA/100g. The most remarkable finding was that our 2022 lamb had more than three times the CLA of New Zealand grass fed lamb which tested 110mg CLA/100g.

Chicken is not noted for high levels of CLA but our 2022 chicken had a test result of 30mg CLA/100g which was 50% more than the premium chicken sample we purchased at the supermarket which tested 20mg CLA/100g.

Pork is also not noted for high CLA levels. The supermarket purchased center cut pork chop had a level of 30mg CLA/100g. While our pork chop had an incredible 490mg CLA/100g (we are confirming this test result to verify).

We are delighted by these results and the opportunity to offer the highest quality and nutritionally improved lamb pork and poultry.