Monica DeRise-Lee

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Our Story

When I met my husband he was managing a 400 acre cattle farm and he had his own cattle there too.  The owners of the farm decided to sell out which left him in a bit of a dilemma.  He was losing the place that he worked for 21 years and had no place to move his cattle so he sold all his cattle, equipment and house.  We moved into a camper to try to regroup and find a place of our own to farm.  We found a small farm with a one room cabin to buy.  We knew that there was no way that we could raise cattle on 10 acres but we were able to move our horses there.  The first thing we did was build a barn with stalls to shelter the horses and then we set about purchasing our new livestock; chickens.  Before we purchased our first group of chickens we built a 30 hen chicken house with a fenced in run to keep out predators at night.  They free range during the day, eating grass, bugs and everything that chickens naturally eat. I knew from the start that I wanted to use all natural methods to raise chickens without harmful chemicals in their environment and feed.  We loved having fresh eggs to eat everyday but the girls were laying more than we could eat so I decided to start selling eggs to cover the cost of the feed.  Jump to 7 years later and 3 more hen houses and more girls laying eggs. Which brings me to this story.  Lee Famlly Farm has expanded to a hog operation (you got to have bacon with those eggs) and selling cutting and selling hay.  We plan to get back into the cattle business but that will be another story.  Thanks to all of you who have been buying our eggs.

Hours of operation are by appointment only.