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We have a little farm on the edge of Galesburg Kansas.  We have chickens, goats, dogs and cats.

Our chickens that provide the eggs we sell, are free range and they are up and out early to forage for grains and weeds and bugs and all the other stuff they eat each day. As we live behind a grain elevator, there is always plenty for them to pick up from spills. I have learned from experience that if I put out a sprinkling of scratch they will hurry home and be in front of my SUV instead of behind.
They have huge personalities … the big roosters come up to my face when I am leaning down to get the scratch grains with no fear. The hens peck at my heels when I am too slow and they all crowd around me when I open the gate. I love these showy birds!

Our little farm is going to be growing again. We lost our beloved,¬†Hagrid a couple of weeks ago and I swore I would not replace him til Spring as I didn’t want a puppy to train during the winter. Yesterday we found a pair of male GP dogs to give away on Kansas Farm Animal Swap that are 2 yrs old and need a good home with a lot of space to run. Mel and Steve are going to Ark City this week to pick them up. I just got a phone call from Steve and he reports that one of our Bantam hens showed up with a couple of baby chicks in tow. Guess she has been sitting on eggs and we didn’t know it. How funny !! Life is good on the farm.