Mother Clucker Farms

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Our Story

Mother Clucker Farms is a family-owned and operated farm that specializes in the production of fresh, free range chicken eggs and processed chicken.  We started this journey as a hobby farm in early 2019 for the sole purpose of producing eggs for our family.  From that first batch of six chickens the dream of providing fresh and higher quality eggs for people was born.

In late 2019 we added four additional chickens to the flock and in 2020 we added over 100 new chickens, 7 ducks and 13 pigs to our farm!  Due to increased customer demand, 2021 has already seen over 40 new chickens and 4 new ducks for eggs and 30 meat birds!  We are so eggcited for what this year is going to lay out for us and look forward to providing your family the best cluckin’ eggs, chicken and sausage around!