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On a small farm located in Leavenworth County Kansas, the Kunkel family founded Mother Nurture Farm on the concepts of sustainability and the ability for humankind to thrive while also nurturing and protecting the earth and all its living things. Mother Nurture Farm is dedicated to producing eggs ethically and humanely.

Our eggs have exceptional taste and nutritional integrity due to the types of feed we choose (Organic & Non-GMO) and the chickens’ ability to naturally range throughout the pasture. The chickens in our flock are heritage and rare breeds, so the eggs are all very different in color and size, they’re absolutely gorgeous!

We are ever growing, so please keep checking back for updates.

If you are interested in learning more about us and how to acquire eggs for purchase feel free to call Brooke Kunkel at 816-456-1647.

We hope you will love our eggs just as much as we do.

-The Kunkel Family

Fun facts about these eggs-

They are unwashed for the most part, they may have been rinsed to clean off the straw bedding from the nesting box, but keeping the original membrane intact keeps the eggs fresh for longer. I try not to wash unless absolutely necessary. They do need to be refrigerated as condensation can dissolve the membrane and jeopardize freshness.

The eggs you receive have a date on the box, which is the date I packed them. The laid date could be up to 3 or 4 days prior, but usually it is that day or the day before. Research the freshness of supermarket eggs and you will find they could be 40 days old before they even reach your grocery store shelf. Our eggs are truly farm fresh.

You can do the float test if you want to check the freshness of your egg. Just place in a bowl of water and if it sinks it’s fresh, if it floats it’s old and you should toss. If it’s somewhere in between, it’s probably ok, your call. I have inspected the eggs for cracks and imperfections and only box up the best eggs for our customers. That is not to say you won’t get a double yolk, or an oddly misshapen egg, that’s just nature and will not harm you if eaten. They will range in size and color due to the different rare and heritage breeds we keep and age of the bird (young layers will have smaller eggs and get bigger as they mature). They are not production hens, I believe in keeping a diverse flock and the traits of these amazing breeds alive. There are/were thousands of breeds of chickens and due to commercialization, many breeds are now extinct.

We are not certified organic due to the cost and paperwork involved for such certification (we’re just too small at this point); however we do feed quality organic feed free of GMO’s. This is very important to me. The hens are pasture raised and have access to the outdoors at all times. They forage on bugs and plants making the eggs more nutrient dense. I encourage you to research pasture-raised eggs for yourself so you may fully understand why these are superior to commercial eggs.

The larger white eggs are duck eggs, they are great for baking (your cakes will be richer and fluffier). However they can be used the same as chicken eggs, you probably won’t even taste the difference.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat about chickens and eggs feel free to call me anytime. If you would like to visit the farm and see our setup and beautiful flock of birds, we’d love to have you, just give us a call. This is a family farm and your chickens are cared for with love and respect, in fact they get daily hugs and snuggles from our kids and myself. We enjoy what we do and appreciate your support. Find us on Facebook and for more information and pictures of our farm. Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting your local family farm,

Brooke Kunkel Mother Nurture Farm, LLC 816-456-1647