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Our Story

We started our farm in 2013 with the intent to farm and “sell a few eggs”. That few eggs has grown to over 6 dozen a day. By the end of 2015 our girls will be producing over 40 dozen a day.

The amazing thing is that our girls are true free range all day long. They are free to eat feed, grass, bugs, and even grubs given as a treat. They have a safe coop at night, clean hen boxes, and fresh water. We call our coops the “Chicken Hyatt” and “Chicken Ritz”! A happy and healthy girl lays a healthy and tasty egg.

We always welcome farm visits and with planning, you can even join us to collect your very own eggs. As the first farm in Lake county to be a licensed limited poultry and egg producer, we are a safe and legit location to find the freshest eggs in Lake county. In 2015 we will be licensed as a full shelled egg producer as we grow in volume.

Come see and taste the difference.