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Our Story

After settling on our small farm, we began to fulfill our dream of farming regeneratively in a way that is healthy for people, animals, and the land. We are hoping to grow each year until we can help to substantially supply fresh meat and eggs for the wonderful people who live here.
On our small family farm, we realize that improving the land each year is the only acceptable goal to ensure healthy products and happy animals. With that In mind, we use regenerative farming methods and pasture rotation with our animals. Our meat chickens and sheep are moved daily onto fresh grass, while our laying hens are moved every three days in a large electric fenced area. In the winter we use deep bedding in hoop houses to keep the hens healthy and vibrant. We feed them non-gmo feed, although we are not certified at this time. Our pastures never are sprayed with any chemicals. We use no chemicals or sprays in processing our chicken. There’s nothing like making so many living beings happy everyday, and we love to keep our animals happy!