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*** Due to Covid-19 WE ARE OPEN by appointment only please call or text Kody @ 260 336-2450

Just West of Muncie and a short drive off of I-69 nestled down a back country road sits Mt Pisgah (Pronounced Pis geeh) Farms. At Mt Pisgah Farms we believe in farming sustainable and for the next generation. Taking care of the land and livestock that call this farm home is our top priority.

At Mt Pisgah Farms strive to be the most sustainable and efficient that we can be with the small acres. We raise a variety of crops and livestock which include: sweet corn, pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, and alfalfa-cover mix hay that is sold on site. Our livestock on the farm include geese and guinea fowl these are used on the farm to help control weeds and insets in our fields and around the farm.

We have a small flock of chickens, all that produce brown eggs. The eggs are sold on farm and at to local stores. Our hens are cage free and eggs are antibiotic and hormone free(just as all eggs are).

You will also see a flock of growing sheep. Our sheep are registered Rambouillet. They are a large white face breed known for there fine quality wool. We sell lambs, wool, and registered breeding stock. Our barnyard is also home to small herd Nubian goats which we sell kids goats out of and currently growing too.

We sell all our product onsite through our roadside stand and our eggs are carried by two local retailers. Thank you for viewing our page and we look forward to meeting you in the future!

We sell on site through our farm:

  • Brown Eggs
  • Produce
  • Pumpkins & Gourds
  • Indian Corn
  • Sweet Corn
  • Raw Wool
  • Rambouillet Lambs/ Sheep
  • ¬†Geese/ goslings
  • Guinea Fowl/ Keets
  • Nubian Goats/ Kids
  • Small square bales of hay