Muenster’s Farm

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Our Story

We are a small family run farm. My name is Kate who runs the farm with my husband Michael and our daughter Emma and our son Cas. On the farm we currently have 250 chickens, about 25 ducks, 7 Geese, 10 Goats and a few Guineas, as well as our labs Rain and Porter. We have been at this farm for the past 9 years. Learning as we go, and striving to bring good quality produce to those who purchase and prepare it. I guess that has come from me working as a Chef in many different restaurants. Following what the trends are and trying to grow new produce that we and others haven’t seen.  It is never a dull day on the farm, usually filled with planting, watering, feeding the animals and collecting eggs.

Muenster’s Farm got it’s name from our dog Muenster, who was unique in her own way. She would walk the farm even into her last days, on it. Smelling the sunflowers, helping us plant in the garden and visiting with the animals that share the farm with us as well as daily chores.