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I started this crazy chicken venture five years ago.  I began by raising Barred Rocks hens, a heritage breed. Up until this spring, I kept just this one breed. THEN I decided to get more chickens, chickens that would lay a multitude of colors.  I feed only certified organic feed. It’s free from GMO’s, chemical fertilizers, and chemical pesticides. Organic is not only healthy for the chickens, but it makes healthier eggs for you. Unfortunately it costs considerably more than conventional feed.  The chickens free roam on five and a half acres of organically managed property.  I call my website and Facebook page Murphy’s Lawless Chickens because they can be rather naughty and defiant. Both are fun pages. Be sure to check them out.

All the pullets are laying! I have an abundance of delicious, beautifully colored eggs. $4.75/doz.  I’m willing to deliver for a large quantity, and can also negotiate the price.