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Our Story

Hello everyone!
Thanks for your interest and following our farm! A little about us:
We are a small family farm located in Plain City, Ohio. I started Nate’s Naturals as a hobby for my beekeeping business about 4 years ago. Since then it has grown and we have added new products including:
-100% Grass fed/ grass finished beef
-Pasture raised organic chicken
-Pasture raised organic eggs
-All natural local honey
It’s been so fun to meet new customers and hear of their experiences with our products and how they have helped them on their health journey. People ask what we do to make our products so good and my answer is usually “nothing”. We strive to produce highly nutritious products as close to nature as possible. So the way we produce is very simple: our cows eat grass and hay, our bees food source is nectar from flowers, our chickens eat organic grains and grass. That’s it!!!! What you end up with is what I like to call “real food” that benefits your health rather than damages it.
Our products are available through Centre Wellness which provides services for body recovery and whole body wellness. We also offer certain products at Yutzy’s Farm Market and online through MarketWagon
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