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Our Story

Natural Horse Lover Farm has been developed to offer a beautiful country setting on 40 acres in Northern New York (just south of the Canadian border) between the St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains. The farm’s proximity allows for the comforts of rural life with the advantage of being able to explore and take advantage of opportunities in larger regions such as other places in New York, Vermont, and Canada.

We sell farm fresh, free range eggs, hatching eggs, chickens, geese, and much more!

We also offer a variety of educational and wellness opportunities for people and all animals (not just horses) including but not limited to: natural horsemanship education, natural animal husbandry, horse psychology, coaching, discipline specific lessons, holistic health practices (such as but not limited to Reiki, photonic red-light therapy (needless accupuncture/accupressure), chromotherapy (color therapy), essential oils, aromatherapy, crystal healing, flower essences, chakra balancing, energetic space clearing, confidence building), equine first aid, horsemanship confidence building/fear make overs, goal and intention setting, and much, much more. Everything offered here can be applied to any horse-related discipline, animal situation, and a person’s life in general.