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Our Story

We started Nature’s Apprentice Farm in 2020 to regenerate human health, restore biodiversity, address climate change, and increase food security in our community.

We envision a world where food is produced in a way that regenerates our lands and waters, benefiting all living beings. Our mission is to empower you to connect with the rest of Nature and with regenerative food production, and to give you food that makes you feel great, so you can achieve your full potential and improve your community.

Your support allows us to integrate our farm in the local ecosystem, learning from, supporting, and participating in natural processes. We grow vegetables, flowers and pastured eggs (and soon berries and fruit!) without the use of any chemicals.

Our hens are raised on pasture with bugs, local organic grain, and food scraps, which translates into an amazing egg quality that our customers treasure.

We would love to show you around! We offer pre-booked tours every Saturday at 10 am, from June to October.

Regenerate your body and the land with products that delight your senses!