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Our Story

We are Michael and Wendy Auten. We both grew up on farms and are now working to grow our own farm. Our goal is to provide our local community with fresh and humanely raised products including beef, chicken, eggs, and produce. We started our farm off with a dozen chickens and a goat: Barbara Jean. We built our chicken coop and built a shelter for Barbara Jean and waited until the following spring to add to the farm. In the spring of 2020 we added more chickens and more goats. We also started raising meat chickens, which we butcher ourselves. Our laying hens have full range of the property and can be seen happily running around pecking at different items. Our Cornish Cross meat birds are pasture raised and our heritage meat birds are free ranged. Our goats graze from their different paddocks during the summer and are given hay and grain. We work together with Michael’s parents’ farm to provide beef. The beef we offer is pasture raised and grain finished. They are bred, born, and raised on the family farm.

We are currently selling cuts of beef, quarters/halves/whole beef, whole chickens, and eggs. Produce will be offered again when in season. Barbara Jean just kidded, which means that we will soon be able to milk her. This will allow us to offer goat milk products soon.