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What makes people stay healthy?

Eating healthy!

Our farm is family-owned, so we do our best to get our healthy food by not using any antibiotics or hormones for animals, and we don’t spray any herbicide or pesticide. Our farm is currently focusing on chicken and quail egg production. Our chickens are free-ranged in a fenced area. Sometimes, they just fly outside to the cow area. Thirty percent of their feed is from conventional feed containing corn, soy, and some minerals that are necessary for chickens to make eggs. The other seventy percent of their food is from nature, such as grass, bugs, worms, vegetable, bread (we get it from local organization). Basically, we raise them from a day old to a full grown hen without using any medicine. The way they’re raised makes them stay healthy. Therefore, this makes healthy eggs. The hens stay outside from sunrise to sunset. That makes the yolk a darker orange than regular, and the white part is yellowish as compared to light or white caged eggs.

We believe that happy chickens make happy eggs, and we believe that healthy eggs will release positive energy and proteins for human health!

Contact me at 971-570-7983 to schedule an activity named: “pick your own egg carton”