Nienna’s Roadside Market

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Our Story

Our story is a short one… for now.  We are a new homestead and we are still getting things together.  We plan to have our market up and running this Fall.  In our market we will offer a variety of handmade year-round and seasonal items.

For now, we have farm fresh eggs, homemade pickles and jams, and handcrafted candles for sale.

Our flock is 78 hens strong and growing.  They are cage-free and allowed to roam the property daily.  They are given healthy feed, without antibiotics, and vitamins in their water.  We are going to keep adding birds until we hit 100.

We are planning to introduce produce next year.  I have gardened and canned for over 20 years in the comforts of a backyard.  Now I have acreage!  Let the fun begin!