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We are a local NJ family that just happens to have chickens! Our hens enjoy the outdoors and like to go on adventures. They free range for tasty bugs, enjoy fruits & veggies, lay out in the sun for warmth and like to chase our cats around. Sometimes they even take walks around the neighborhood (usually unintentionally)! These ladies have a pretty sweet life!

We are also nature lovers and like to grow our own veggies & herbs, can our own jams & pickles and make other neat stuff! We do not use hormones, GMOS, antibiotics or pesticides or any other nasty stuff we ourselves would not want to put into our or our children’s bodies.

Our monthly adventures take us (and often our animals) to many different spots in NJ. Follow us for our next Jersey Adventure!


February 2018: 

Our hens are producing eggs consistently every day. They are still young and we may consider adding more hens in the spring; check back for updates.

The weather flip flops between really cold and mild, so it’s still not safe for us to leave eggs outdoors for sale. Come spring, we plan to have a small stand with eggs, herbs and more outside the house for sale. Don’t worry, the ladies are doing just fine at night in their coop. They are spoiled with a heated lamp and a heated perching bar so they aren’t cold. Next thing you know, they’ll have knitted sweaters!

We do still have some Jersey Blueberry Lemon Jam and Sweet Strawberry Rhubarb Jam available for sale. Local fruits and simple ingredients are used in our jams. They are delicious and great for gift-giving! 


This month’s adventures: 
     The hens (unintentionally) took a walk around the corner of the neighborhood on a nice day, looking for worms and insects as usual. These meanderings are usually led by Indy Anna, our adventurous hen, who is always out exploring on her own and is the last to be found. Thankfully the snow has melted a few times so they could all have a fun time rolling around under our shrubs taking their dirt baths.
     Our cats, Peekaboo and Pikachu, are eagerly awaiting spring. In particular, they like to sit in our big planters filled with catnip. Even though the plant is dormant during the winter, there are still some sticks from the plant in the pot and the cats like to rub themselves on it and get their catnip buzz going!
     As for us at the house, we took a trip to the Atlantic Highlands on a mild afteroon to collect shells (our other hobby). Yes, it was cold, and rainy, and there was probably still some ice/snow on the ground – but we found lots of whelk shells so we’re happy! We’re also busy perusing the latest seed catalogs to see what fun things to plant for this year’s garden!

Until next time-