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We are a small Veteran-owned family farm (located in Wheelersburg, Ohio) raising the best poultry we can, using natural and organic type practices.  We raise our pastured poultry in a humane way on our farm, moving them to fresh pasture daily. They are handled gently and transported to a USDA-inspected facility for human processing.

The ladies in our small laying flock are also on pasture, with access to over an acre daily. They are cage free and roam as they wish in fresh air and sunlight. They are supplemented with feed and minerals to ensure they have a balanced diet and remain healthy.  They are put up nightly in their mobile coop to protect them from predators.  The coop is moving regularly to give the pasture time to heal and to keep our ladies in fresh grass and plentiful insects.

In addition to the poultry, we also raise vegetables. We use organic seed when available and use only ORMI certified pesticides and herbicides, but only when absolutely needed and never right before harvest. We want the freshest and safest vegetables possible, not only for our customers but for ourselves as well since we also eat the same food we sell.

We are Homegrown By Heroes and Ohio Proud certified.