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Our Story

We are a small chicken operation located in the beautiful foothills in Northern Boulder, Colorado. We are on 5+ acres and our farm consists of the following: myself and my partner, fours dogs, 25 chickens and an all organic vegetable and herb gardens. We started raising laying hens because we wanted to have a more personal connection to our food source. We are deeply committed to growing healthy, delicious herbs/vegetables and selling eggs at affordable prices. We believe in being responsible stewards of our land, thus we follow organic growing methods and the chickens are raised all naturally. No hormones or antibiotics are given to the birds. We strongly believe that animals should experience the things in life that make us all happy warm sunshine, green grass and cool breezes. Our chickens are allowed to free range during the day, they are also fed fermented non-GMO feed without soy, they enjoy the fresh veggies and scraps from our herb and veggie gardens. We have raised them from chicks, and we have several varieties, laying various shades of brown and various shades of blue/green eggs.

We have started working with two Colorado non-profits in bringing farm fresh eggs to those in need. We are partnered with Harvest of Hope, which is a food pantry serving people in need in Boulder, Colorado. The other non-profit we partner with is The Redistribution Center, LLC., who provides food, clothing, household items to Veterans in crisis and their families. We formed these partnerships in July 2014 and have continued to provide six dozen eggs a week to the two charities. Please keep in mind that the cost of our eggs helps us to be able to continue this endeavor with these two organizations. We sell our extra eggs to help cover the cost of the chicken feed and other operating costs.