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Hello Everyone,

welcome to my page. This is Noytheyah Farm here.

We are learning on self sufficiency and we would like to make extra cash working harder to get a our dream in retirement. My husband and I and operating our farm from scratch and it’s a lot of work. With your help supporting us locally together we can build a future. Living healthier and cleaner. Our eggs are fresh laid daily from our wonderful hens.

All chickens are raise equal and exposed to the pasture. No chemical, or anything hormones added to their feeds.

Chickens are pasture raise and they get to eat snacks, like vegetables and fruits.

We also sell feeder pigs at the moment. We have 6 Two weeks old available that will be ready for pick up at 7 weeks.

For more information on what we sell on our farm. Please visit our website;

for our Instagram please follow; Noytheyahfarmpage.
for Facebook we have Noytheyahfarms

Thank you for reading and please visit our location.
Have a nice day!