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Our Story

We are a family farm located in Middle, Tennessee.  Our granddaughter will be sixth generation on the farm.  We have a respect for tradition.  I am a retired elementary school principal and my wife is a retired RN.  Since we retired we have been raising chickens in addition to the beef cattle.  We started to provide eggs and chicken for ourselves, but soon found that there was a demand for wholesome natural eggs and poultry.  We have added many new hens to our flock and they are free to roam around scratching and finding much of their own food.  We do provide them a non-GMO, non-soy supplemental layer feed.  This feed contains no corn and is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than soy based feed.  We also raise and process our chickens for meat.  Our broilers are also raised on non-GMO, non-soy feed.  None of our eggs and chickens are ever given antibiotics or added hormones.

We raise all of our chickens here on the farm.  They are protected by Lilli and Sam our livestock guardian dogs.  We also process our meat chickens.  We vacuum package and freeze them getting them ready for sale.  We do use a Whiz Bang chicken plucker to help in the process.  When we first built it and started using it we invited some of the older folks in the community who had experience plucking chickens to come over and watch.  They were amazed!  What takes an experienced person several minutes to do, the Whiz Bang could do in seconds.  Check out the Youtube link to see our chicken plucker in action!