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We just started our business the first of the year with the purchase of our 30 Rock pullets. We found out that we had two roosters in the bunch so decided to keep the big white boy, our Rock Rooster. He has become “the man”!! All the ladies love him!! Then we decided to get some “Easter Egg” chicks. These are also known as Americauanas. I just love these chickens. They are easy going and lay beautiful blue and green eggs. From there we decided we needed some white egg layers so we bought 30 Blue Andalusians. These are beautiful birds but boy can they fly!!! We are still waiting for our first egg….any day now I am sure!! We thought that we needed a few more white egg layers so we bought 25 Buff Minorcas and 25 Ancanas. After we were selling our eggs at the market for a while we decided we needed more brown eggs layers so we bought 40 Black Sexlinks. I just love these babies!!! They are so easy going, I know they will be great chickens to work with!!

We just planted 60 hills of pumpkins and a couple hills of gourds. These will be ready for harvest just before Halloween!!!

Had a good day at the Sante Fe Market. We didn’t sell out but met lots of nice people!! We’ll be back next week and I plan to have more of my yummy Fried Pies.